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decide on facts

Delivering ESG data enabling a faster transition to a sustainable future

FactZero, recognizing that a sustainable future should combine both People and Planet

Data to drive action

Data to drive action

FactZero is continuously scanning for independent, accurate & timely ESG data propositions. If we can’t find an appropriate provider, we strive to develop our own.

Governance: knowing the rules of the game is key. For each industry, in every location. In the past, the current and the future.

Social: to create a sustainable future, everyone needs to (be able to) contribute to obtain the best possible outcome.

Environment: Transparency is often lacking, which hampers progress, whilst tangible results across all categories (air, water, land) are needed soonest. Democratising the data to all stakeholders (investors, corporates, financial institutions, governments, NGO’s) will focus the mind and provide sense of urgency!

We have what you need

How we help you

The need and urgency is clear, ESG targets have been set, legislation is (being) put in place. We need to transition to a society 2.0, which is sustainable measured by all standards. The sooner the better. A lot can be achieved by changing behaviour and habits, others require the development, deployment and adoption of new solutions & technologies. Understanding the challenges & opportunities starts with undisputed facts. Too often progress is hampered by debating the baseline, resulting in no, slow or unproductive change.

Ready to use ESG data

Independent: data disclosed to all, without any self-interest in the actual value will democratise the actual use and focus the discussion on the way forward.

Accurate: data needs to be actionable, ready to use. Granularity & correctness is key. Without that it provides merely an indication, rather than direction.

Timely: the actuality of the data determines its usability. It has to be dated such that the right decisions can be derived from it. This will have a wide range. For some it means (near) realtime, for others it could be annual or even longer.

FactZero Offering

Data partners: solutions ready to be delivered through partnerships FactZero put already in place. Currently: Regulations; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Carbon. New opportunities will be added as they become available

Data search:  Upon request FactZero will execute a search to fulfil a specific ESG data need, not covered by sources known to the customer already.

Data creation: If no existing ESG data solutions meet your needs, FactZero will endeavour to develop the required data source depending on strategic fit.

Let's create the future together

Scaling Impact

Together with our partners we can make a much bigger impact. Our consultancy partners will help you to implement the required changes needed for the transition, our data partners will provide you with the data that underpin your strategy.

New strategic partnership

FactZero and Denominator to announce their strategic partnership

When it comes to providing granular data on the People aspect of sustainability there is no better than We’re thrilled therefore to announce that FactZero, a premium ESG data company, and Denominator, a leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion data company, are joining forces to provide organizations with the data & insights they need in their roadmap towards sustainable growth.

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FactZero’s tech partnerships helped us regain confidence of investors in carbon offset projects after various greenwashing scandals.

CFOLeading Carbon Offset Broker

FactZero gave me a snapshot situational report for my pharmaceutical company operating on three continents – helping me mitigate the risks and stay compliant, saving me valuable time.

ESG HeadEU Headquartered Pharmaceutical

Through FactZero insights I understood our companies position on diversity and Inclusion maters against competitors. We have work to do.

Human Resources HeadEU Headquartered Financial Institution

Applying FactZero solutions allowed our Oil & Gas and Metals & Mining Coverage teams to assess GHG performance of our entire portfolio.

Head Large Corporates DivisionEuropean Financial Institution