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Welcome to our interactive Carbon Project Finder

With transparency at the heart of what we do at FactZero we offer you the Voluntary Carbon-offset Market project (VCM) Finder – our first FactFinder. 

It contains all voluntary carbon offset projects, credit issuances, and credit retirements listed globally by four major VCM project registries and is based on the Berkeley Carbon Trading Project. These four registries generate the vast majority of the world’s voluntary market offsets, including projects eligible for use under the California / Quebec linked cap-and-trade programs. 

What we aim for

The intent is to increase the transparency of the VCM market, providing researchers, project developers and offset buyers with the ability to better see offset credits and projects in a single database. FactZero enhanced the performance and increased the ease of use. 

Use Cases

Whether your angle is from:

  • a professional market participant point of view;
  • or you are just curious to know more about the many types of projects to decrease carbon usage/ increase carbon absorption;
  • or you want to know the details of a project your company is invested in;

feel free to wonder around in the FactFinder VCM – free of charge!

To learn in more detail what each project type entails and which methodology was used.

Important disclaimer: FactZero disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of project listings, which is the sole responsibility of the project owners, developers, registries, and auditors involved. FactZero is not liable for inaccuracies or reliance on this information.

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Citation: Based on the work of Ivy S. So, Barbara K. Haya, Micah Elias. (2023, December). Voluntary Registry Offsets Database, Berkeley Carbon Trading Project, University of California, Berkeley.