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Some of our use cases

Develop Sustainability Reporting and Compliance:

Regular reporting on sustainability efforts, such as carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency improvements, and community development initiatives, is essential and very soon mandatory for many large organisations. Governance ensures these reports are accurate, consistent, and comply with international standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or legislation like CSRD.  

In order to get this right, you need to be on top of the rules and regulations for your industry and secondly, have the data and facts that you can rely on. That’s where  FactZero comes in.

Build a Sustainable Supply Chain:

Implementing responsible supply chain policies is a significant governance aspect. This includes ensuring suppliers adhere to environmental standards and fair labour practices, and how they perform in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI).

At FactZero, we provide data in its value chain, which allows you to work with your partners towards a sustainable future.

Investing in & Monitoring of Reforestation projects:

As a company, you aim for NetZero. During your journey if there is a residual carbon footprint, you need to offset your remaining carbon footprint by investing in reforestation and anti-deforestation projects. In full transparency and therefore you want to have independent checks and balances in place.

We offer data that kind of data, not only large in scale but also meticulously curated to ensure reliability and trustworthiness. ​Our partner’s datasets are catalogued for discoverability, interoperability, and to foster trust in the data’s veracity, providing you with a dependable resource for all your data needs.

Understanding your company's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion performance:

You made progress through policies and action but want to understand how you stack up against a peer group in your industry.

Enriching your ESG platform or consultancy with independent, accurate & timely data:

With your ESG reporting and management platform in place reliable Scope 1-3 data is of the essence. At Factzero we can help you find trustworthy external data sets – in case not already available in our portfolio. We have a wide network of professional parties including renowned universities and academics.

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When you recognize yourselve in these use cases, contact us!