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FactZero and Treefera to announce their strategic partnership

By June 27, 2024July 5th, 2024Latest news2 min read

FactZero and Treefera to announce their strategic partnership

When it comes to developing- or investing into carbon offset projects like reforestation or anti-deforestation, having trust in progress is of the utmost importance. Similarly, regulatory tailwinds are demanding ever more transparency in the provenance of commodities and supply chain deforestation risk. 

By integrating satellite, drone and ground truth data at huge scale and overlaying this with cutting-edge AI algorithms, the Treefera platform provides the data products and workflow needed to deliver continuous monitoring, assurance and risk evaluation to its clients. Treefera’s AI-enabled data management platform is focused on bringing transparency and accuracy to forest data and a chain of custody reconciling nature-based assets across the supply chain. 

Treefera and FactZero both want to assist the full value chain in maximising the amount of carbon that can be captured. This partnership enables us to ensure complete transparency for all parties involved through providing current & past insight on the tree projects, including dynamic benchmarking against other relevant projects. Satellite images powered by AI make this possible.  

About Treefera

Recognised as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies, Treefera supports businesses and organizations to critically analyse, evaluate and report on nature-based solutions. It helps organisations to develop and monitor forest projets across the planet. Treefera’s platform offers searching, comparing and in-depth analytics on any project registered and forests still to be developed. With up to 20 years of history and with the ability to zoom in to 0.5×0.5 meters.

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